Welcome To Adventure Island

What is Adventure Island?

Adventure Island is a multiplayer text based adventure game. However, unlike most text based adventure games, Adventure Island doesn't have a set storyline. Instead, the story and gameplay are defined by you and your friends as you play, and explore the infinite world!

Make Your Own Adventure

Adventure Island is your island, and the sky's the limit. You can make a giant pit full of starving, man eating dinosaurs, or an elaborate dungeon with traps and puzzles. The possibilities are literally... endless.

Free to Play

We're excited to let you play our game, and it will be 100% free to download and play! You can play on your friends' worlds, or you can have one of your very own for only $2.99 a month. You can limit your world to your friends, or make it available to anyone.

Become a Beta Adventurer

Sign-up for beta access by submitting your email address. When the game is almost ready, you'll be able to play it before anyone else. We stay connected with our testers, and they're a major part of the development process. We read every idea you shoot us.

Click Here to Register For Beta