Welcome To Adventure Island

Imagine a game where you can do anything

Adventure Island is a adventure game entirely played through text. Fight a band of pirates? Discover time travel? Brush your teeth with a miniature sheep? Yep, it's all possible.

The game describes the world around you and then asks one simple question:

What would you like to do?

Write your own adventure

When you begin a fresh new world you are embarking on a brand new adventure. Every time you join the game, you can catch up on the story so far as written by your friends, or write a new chapter yourself.

It is this collaborative nature that makes the game fresh and exciting every time you sit down to play.

Play for free

Creating an account is free and you can play on as any worlds you want. You can buy your own world for a few dollars a month, which you can limit to just friends, or open up to anyone.

Become a beta adventurer

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